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Overrated and Crowded.


OH Boracay! Where do I begin with you. Well first, let me tell you that it is quite an adventure just to get to Boracay from Manila. Like Palawan, I spent $50 on a round trip ticket to Boracay from Manila . There are 2 airports: Caticlan and Kalibo. I flew in to the Kalibo airport not knowing it was going to take another 2 hours just to get to my destination. Now, this is where it gets a little frustrating. When you get to Kalibo airport, there will be a boat that will take you to the other side of the island. There is an additional fee to take this boat and you don't have a choice but to pay it. They will then tell you how to get to the main beaches and lead you to the bus station or shuttle whichever one is available for your final commute. This ride is about 2 hours and for another additional cost. Finally, when you arrive I suggest you drag your own luggage and belongings to your hotel. Do not let anyone assist you unless you are willing to tip them. They will literally follow you to your hotel until you give them something. But even that I would be careful, they may run off with your things.

The main Boracay white sand beach is broken down into 3 stations: station 1, 2, and 3 but all within walking distance from each other. I decided to stay in Station 2 so that I can be in the center of it all. In station 3, you will find a shopping center, but throughout the day people are selling souvenirs. Don't worry about food or places to eat, you'll have plenty to choose from. The place is way too crowded if you ask me so if you're trying to relax in peace, forget it. This place is for party animals. Literally I found myself drunk every night and woke up one day with a "Love Life" tattoo. There are abundant things to do here as far as activities. Like any other places, it will cost you depending on what you're trying to do. However, you can bargain with them. We decided to do the island hop tour to see the other beaches and islands and to get away from the noise. This is highly suggested because you will discover how beautiful Boracay really is. My tour guide took us to another Island which was so much peaceful and had a much better view of the island. Make sure to tell your boat driver to take you to CRYSTAL COVE Island. This is where we snorkeled in peace.


During our boat island hopping tour, we were shown Manny Pacquiao's house in Boracay.


After a few days, I wanted to be away from the overrated Boracay beach and away from the noise. I found a really amazing resort a few minutes from station 2, where I was at. It provided a free pick up shuttle to and from Station 3 so I checked out and had them picked us up. It's called the Lingganay Resort. It is seriously a Castle. The resort was stunning, every room was a suite which was much nicer than where I originally was staying at and it had it's own private beach, the Petty Beach. I highly recommend staying at least one day at this resort if you're planning to visit. It's simply amazing. No complaints about this place. The staff were friendly and very accommodating.


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Things to do and see in Palawan

Palawan is a province in the Philippines located in the Visayas Island far from Manila which is located in Luzon region. You would need to take a plane to get here from Aquino International Airport to Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan. I booked a round trip flight for $50 and decided to explore this beautiful Island for a week. I suggest you stay here at least 4 days in order to see some of the most amazing sight seeing spots. Take a day to stay in Puerto Princesa to visit the Crocodile farm, the Mitra Ranch where you can zip line, horse back ride, or simply just indulge the view. You may also do an Eco-adventure tour here as well as ride an ATV. You can actually do all these things in one day and you'll spend no more than $50. At night, if you're up for more adventure, take a tricycle (mode of transportation) and have the driver take you to the board walk. You'll see tons of locals walking around the pier, selling local street food, arts and many other things. Crocodile Sisig is a must try while you're in this Island.


When you get to the Airport, my suggestion is to book your trip to the Underground river right away. Your tour guide will pick you up from wherever you're staying and take you there and guide you the entire time. The Underground river is one of the 7 wonders of nature in the world and it's a must see. You would want to see what's inside of that cave, trust me. This tour will literally take up your entire day. It takes a few hours just to get to the Underground River entrance so make sure to pack some snacks.


After the underground river tour, your tour guide will most likely take you to other tourist sight seeing spots. Karst Mountain is another must see. karst_mountain.jpg

Another place to see while in Palawan is El Nido. Make sure you take a day or two in this place. Take the Bus from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. Book your stay in advance cause there are many things to see here. The bus ride here will take a few hours but it's worth it. Avoid taking the TORO (the bull in English) bus for it lives up to its name. The bus is quite fast and will have you seating as if you're in a roller coaster.


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What to Pack

It's summer every season.

The moment you step your foot out the plane, you will feel the humidity. Everywhere in the Philippines is hot. My first time visiting was during winter time in California and mind you, I travelled from San Francisco where the weather is always cold so at the time I thought it was a good idea to keep myself warm; I wore jeans, boots, and a jacket. As soon as I left the Aquino International airport, I wanted to remove all clothing and walk around naked. It's that hot! I felt like I was in hell. My make up was melting and the entire time I was there, I minimized applying make-up. So here is my advice to you if you are unsure of what to pack, DO NOT BRING a jacket or boots or any type of winter clothing unless you plan on being under the AC all day. It's unnecessary. Bring clothing that will keep you cool: shorts, tank tops, dresses, slippers, sunglasses, and so on.


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Where to Stay


If you're visiting for the first time and does not have any friends or family members you can stay with, I suggest you stay at a hotel. There are abundant hotels to choose from depending on your budget. Most hotels in the Philippines are actually really nice and some are really luxurious. Since I have tons of family members where I could have stayed with, I didn't spend too much money on hotels except when I visited different Islands. H2O Hotel in Manila is one of the hotels where I thought was pretty convenient if you plan to visit the Rizal historical park. It's right across the street and about 20 minutes from the airport. The room was a bit small, not enough room to move around but it's cozy and has huge aquarium. (My review on this is on Tripadvisor.com).

Allow some time to travel to and from the airport for traffic in Manila is horrible. Take a taxi if your hotel does not offer a free shuttle and avoid taking the jeepney (another mode of transportation) when you arrive. However, you must experience taking a jeepney at least one time during your stay but make sure you don't carry anything valuable. It can get really crowded in the jeepney but it's such a unique way to experience getting from one place to another. Tricycles (another mode of transportation) are fairly accessible everywhere and this is a must ride as well to add in your Philippines bucket list.


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